Enough about us Here's what we can do for you

Let’s start by aiming for 400%-600% return on investment

That’s the kind of figure Solution Cell clients can expect to achieve

We help clients:

  • Build revenue by increasing their pipeline and improving conversion rates
  • Maximise ‘share of wallet’ from their existing accounts and increase product penetration
  • Improve profitability from deals

So where do you begin? Let’s start with some questions:

How confident are you in your Managers to:

  • Lead and inspire your teams to improve their performance?
  • Build and execute an effective business/sales plan?
  • Communicate your vision in a compelling way?
  • Manage change effectively?

And how confident are you in your teams to:

  • Communicate your value proposition in a compelling way?
  • Make the most of their time with their customers to spot and develop new opportunities?
  • Shape a deal effectively to minimise risk and effectively negotiate a win-win outcome?
  • Retain, develop and maximise their existing accounts?

We can help you define and achieve the behavioural change required from your teams to deliver your business objectives. Training alone is unlikely to be the answer.

"Solution Cell continued to add value to the programme to ensure its validity, which allowed us to tweak and refine the approach as our needs changed. We certainly made the right choice."

Imogen Dillon Hatcher, Executive Director Global Sales, London Stock Exchange

"What is most impressive is that the programme is fully tailored to our needs. It's based on an in-depth knowledge of who we are and what we want to achieve."

Brendan Beith, European Sales Director, Interactive Data